Early adopters of the Ryda Board System have been very pleased with it. Watch and read some testimonials below.

David Orr (Chair of Norwich Stroke Survivors’ Club) wished he had something of this nature when he had his stroke; as he says in this video clip:

Ryda Boards design has improved since its inception, but even the earlier designs impressed David Cox of Norwich Stroke Survivors’ Club:

Alison EDS UK Coordinator Norfolk – “I have been using the system due to weakness in my muscles after a long time in ICU with my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome; this system allows me to build up my strength and coordination in a controlled manner.”

Brian and Molly Norwich Stroke Survivors – “One of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever seen it will gradually encourage Brian’s fingers to move and it is something he can do on his own”


Joy of Norwich Stroke Survivors – “It helps you feel the way your arm is moving, I do it with my non-affected arm and then copy the action with my affected one.”

Joyce, Pabulum Dementia Café – “My husband Harry had a stroke 5 years ago, consequently dementia has set in and he has been unable to use his right hand. I was amazed how this device has made him able to use his right hand, this has really made him happy and cheered him up.”

Robin – The Grove Nursing Home “It has enabled me to mix with other people and has helped my arms by 50%.”

Mary and Duke Hanover Gardens Dementia Café – “I liked using it, it makes you think, you have to use your brain to sucessfully get around it and it helped with my hand movements. Playing on it is addictive, I could sit for hours.”

Ed Norwich Stroke Survivors – “Allows me to be very mobile.”

Pam Wymondham Pabulum Café – “This machine would be helpful to people with memory problems.”

Sue Hudson Occupational Therapist, Novero Specialist Care – Oak Farm – “The Ryda Board system can be useful as a ‘warm up’ exercise prior to a specific person centred OT goal (such as ‘writing with my right hand’) where the overall aim is to increase upper limb range of movement.”