The concept behind the Ryda Board system…


Neuroplasticity – the brain’s magical ability to function and adapt


The Ryda Board System is not intended to be a medical device, they are tools which people have told us have helped in certain areas of recovery. The system comprises a hand-held grip (the Ryda) and the grooved board (the Ryda Board). Anecdotal evidence suggests that they can help improve range of movement in some cases. We have been told that it has helped those recovering from stroke and those with neurological conditions affecting movement.

The system works on the fundamental level of brain functioning called neuroplasticity. This is the amazing capacity to create neural (nerve cell) pathways in order to promote movement, and then to adapt if some of the pathways are subsequently damaged after an event such as a stroke or accident. Although damaged neurons do not recover, neuroplasticity enables other neurons to take on the task. Even in cases of severe impairment following injury, there is a real chance of improvement.

To make the best use of the brain’s neuroplasticity it is essential to perform tasks on a regular basis, and the repeated action of moving the Ryda along the groove of the Ryda Board is a good example of this activity. As with any recovery programme consistency and determination is key and whatever devices you are using, if the exercise regime is maintained there is every chance of improvement as long as a sensible balance is adhered to.

The Ryda Board System can be used alongside other therapeutic devices but are not intended to be a replacement. It is recommended to use them within the capacity of the individual and to cease if any undue pain should occur. Always consult your specialist if in any doubt.

The grooved Ryda Boards are made from tough polyethylene so are very durable

Beginner Ryda Board

Advanced Ryda Board

The hand-held Ryda is made from acrylic, aluminium and polyamide

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