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Ryda Boards

(formerly RydaMablets)

The non-medical device that anecdotal evidence suggests could help with various conditions.
Note: clinical proof not yet available.

Who might benefit from the Ryda Board?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Ryda Board could help those who:

  • Have acquired brain injury through stroke or accident


  • Have paresis (muscle weakness) on one or both sides


  • Have coordination problems


  • Have a condition that impairs movement


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David Orr – Chair of Norwich Stroke Survivors Club
“I wish I had this device to use after my stroke it’s VERY useful.”

What is the Ryda Board system?

The Ryda Board System consists of a hand unit (the Ryda) and a board (the Ryda Board).
The Ryda is moved along the groove in the Ryda Board which gives a fixed path of movement.

It is low-tech, non-electronic and anecdotal evidence suggests it could help to:

  • Increase range of movement


  • Improve muscle strength


  • Help with hand-to-eye coordination


  • Improve hand and finger dexterity


  • Improve cognitive processing

Ryda Boards come in standard as well as bespoke designs.

How much does it cost, and where can I buy one?

Brian (with wife Molly) – Norwich Stroke Survivors Club

Prices start at less than £150 and you can buy direct from Learn Movement in our Online Shop.

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